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What is the ASBO Disco all about?

♫ Music for the Massive ♫

➨ "It's music for the world’s underbelly, for the off-key, the off-centre, for people with soul, with a sense of fun and who like music and who music likes them...Are these people you - the massive?"
or more simply..
➨ "The 2nd most amount of fun you can have with low frequency vibrations."
Life is often a contradiction, as is The ASBO Disco

♫ DJ ♫
➨ The ASBO Disco plays an original mashup selection of cutting edge dubplates mixed in a badboy style with the latest bangers, wobblers and lowdown skanking riddims. It is big and it is clever.

♫ Radio Show ♫
➨ An independent round up of quality underground music broadens your horizons and helps you to stay true. It is delivered through themed sections; Mashup, Dubwise, Live, Hip Hop and Rave, so no stone is left unturned.


♫ Events ♫
➨ A refreshing lineup of choice music drafted in straight from source and then into your face keeps you on your toes. The party travels from Bristol to London, Brighton and beyond. A potent concoction of live acts, DJs, soundsystems and flashing lights will both melt your face and make you dance all crazy.

♫ Stickers ♫
➨ Want some? Get some! Order some? They're free from here. Stick them up all clever like, post up a picture on the Facebook wall and win ASBO Disco king skins! Easy

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