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Urban Takeover

This is Mickey Finn & Aphrodite's label which was the leading old skool Jump Up DnB label in the 90's. They kept it simple using ridiculously catchy basslines and usually adding famous hooks and samples. A winning formula that lasted years. Still fun now. Check Bad Ass, Dub Moods and King Of The Beats. They're work as Urban Shakedown shouldn't be ignored either-Some Justice and Fire remix!


James Wonka spends most of his time in spreadsheets but he is busy creating some of the best lineups to hit the UK. His own long running night, Wonka-Vision in Swansea never fails, lineups at Arcadia and Boomtown Fair are often Wonka-flavoured, plus he also turns out a dangerous DJ set so long as he has his hat on. Usually available with Syn.

ZED'S Dead

Genre bashing American duo that love pushing the design of their tunes all the way to the end. Epic. Can't get enough of Hit Me and Undah Yuh Skirt. Too much.

DJ Zinc

Try Playaz Jungle pioneer who can claim Super Sharp Shooter fame and has turned his hand to Crack House more recently with Wile Out success. He's an awesome DJ and his whole back catalogue is fat. Plague That Never Ends is my personal favourite.