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Rack NRuin

After years of making a variety of styles, RackNRuin broke through with a New Skool Jungle Breaks sound. He is now making tunes across the board with a big bottom end and loads of class. Black Butter Records is the label to check. 'Soundclash' is my personal favourite tune.

DJ Rap

She's the Propa Talent label owner and the rude girl DJ straight out of the Jungle scene. She's been living in the US for a while so we haven't seen too much of her but I still play all her old tunes - I'm So, Hardstep and Rumble all kill it! She was on Page 3.

Riddim Fruit Recordings

Set up in 2010 by Ben Adams, this label has a stack of releases all over the spectrum of bass heavy party music. It is home to resident producers Hidden Riddim and also has a sister label, Booty Fruit Recordings which is on a mashup tip and is probably illegal. Fuck it. Check recent releases on

Rodney P

A UK MC ambassador who takes it nice and easy and makes sure everyone has a good time. He came to the forefront in the London Posse days and is known by the mainstream for working with Skitz, Zed Bias and the Dub Pistols, rhyming over loads of music from across the board. The Nice Up with Skitz is an anthem for many.

Rottun Recordings

If you like the twisted, distorted robot bass sounds of Canada's Dubstep producers then you're likely to get along with most releases coming from Excision's Rottun Recordings. This is home for Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Liquid Stranger and many others and is not an easy ride for most music lovers.


Cockney Thug started a big, wobbly Dubstep tangent away from the more subtle side of things and Rusko took the bull by the horns and went big with it. Commercial success didn't murder his sound so salute to Rusko. Check Whistle Crew, Skanker and Roll Da Beats from the album Songs to prove this.

Selah Sue

Loving the voice of this Belgian singer and with hints of Soul, Funk & Reggae in her music I am hooked. Great production on her self titled first album too so it's a repeat player, plus I've been working out double drops on This World.

Shy FX

He is responsible for bringing amen rinseout 'Original Nuttah' to the masses when he was a teenager and has ploughed on ever since making wicked party music. He is still at the forefront both for his own productions and his label, Digital Soundboy, which is huge and puts out everything that is good in the Bass world. Too many tunes to mention but I'm listening to This Style right now and it's roughneck.


The man who makes you the finest homegrown beats from the world of UK Hip Hop and presents you with all things riddim and bass on weekly basis on Radio 1Xtra. Don. LP's to listen to would be Countryman and Sticksman which are both large.

The Skints

If 2012's Prince Fatty produced album Part and Parcel is anything to go by then me and East London's The Skints will be good friends for life. They left the distorted guitars of their first album and now rock a pure Reggae and Ska outfit. Soundboy is a large tune.


Brazil's S.P.Y has been putting out DnB since 2006 and was A list by 2010 cos he is a badman. He understands good Drum and Bass. Tunes like Favela, Beyond The Threshold and Love & Hate prove his rolling Techy style.

Tom Caruana

This man has made the most mashups out of anyone I know and they are all good! He does concept albums like Wu Tang vs Hendrix, Wu Tang vs The Beatles and Ghostfunk, plus produces on his own label Tea See Records with artists like Dr Syntax.