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Respect to this Bristolian who started off as a DnB MC in the Dreamscape days with his own unique style, but then moved in on Dubstep in a big way as producer, label owner and DJ. He's certainly the Bristol people's choice, and Pendulum's MC choice and lots of other peoples choices.


2 x DMC UK Champion who DJ's like a machine and learnt his craft whilst sparring with beatboxer childhood friend, Beardyman. He stuffs so many genres into his sets and drops jaws all the way through with a quick wrist and devastating technique. JFB on a lineup = win. He produces too-Glitched out Swing tune Wobble & Squeak is on a lot of playlists!


Dubwise style producer and DJ who made his name through mashing up tracks and now is a fully fledged beatsmith working with loads of different material and smashing it all up. Too many huge tunes to start breaking down but Still Passin Me By is a classic, and Unbreak My Dub is quality too.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Three traditional Rock N Roll musicians who only use vintage equipment, are kept in glass jars by their parents, are only allowed out to perform and even then must face away from the crowd incase they are tainted by modern society. Fact.

Koan SOund

This Bristol based production outfit describe their sound as Funky and Techy and basically they have an edge over most similar producers because their shit is TIGHT. Their Glitch Hop is the best. Mr Brown is a favourite.

Laid Blak

When a band has an Old Skool Jungle MC and DJ, namely MC Joe Peng and DJ Bunjy running things then I am pretty much sold from the off. Laid Blak share a set of Reggae, Soul and Ska to jumping people with a smile on their face as often as the sun comes up. Always good. Check out Red.

Leaf Dog

Big on the beats and wild on the mic, Leaf Dog comes with a Glastonbury meets Brooklyn type fusion of original Hip Hop. RLD is the label and he looks to be bringing through a whole host of new school MCs in to the mix.

Liquid Stranger

Canada's nasty big bass sound can be heard pumping out of this guys studio. He turns his hand to some off key tracks aswell as dancefloor killers and all are sick. Check Bombaclaat Starr and Vibes Machine. Heavyweight.

London Zoo aka LDZ

ASBO Disco favourites because they are bang on point every time. The team standardly consists of Dabbla, Cobes, Rocksta, Sumgii and Frosty, with Pierre Green and Philly B always close by. They have a huge back catalogue so check it ALL out, but their tshirts, kiss their arses.


A producer, vocalist, songwriter and sound engineer who left the UK and set up in Australia where he has been pumping out consistently good music in a Reggae/Dub/Hip Hop style for ages. Check Rudest dude, and the anthem, Never Gonna Drink Again.


This is Drum and Bass executed with extreme precision. I was hooked since B-Boy Roller on the Bingo label years ago and this man has had countless huge tunes since, including Disco Dodo, All For You and Playskool. His own label is Detail Recordings.