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Ewan Hoozami

Old time sparring partner Ewan Hoozami spends most of his time making bangers influenced by Funk, Hip Hop or simply dirty bass. He DJ's all the above plus whatever else is clever and is never far away from a festival. He's ginger too.


Producer and DJ of bass heavy House and Rave influenced music and for me has been in the forefront since he dropped the massive Wardance. His EP Tremors is a bit good also taking in loads of styles and banging out each one.

Gentleman's Dub Club

Dub, Reggae and Ska got really exciting for festival goers in the UK throughout the Summer's of 2010 and 2011 when this 9 piece band from Leeds stepped on the scene. They've got the music and the show and are BIG. The Open Your Eyes EP is the one.