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AC Slater

Heavyweight US producer on Party Like Us/Trouble & Bass Recordings who makes big bangers on a dirty Bass tip. Classic's are his Dubstep track Calm Down or Wobble House track Rock It Out.

Alice Russell

Alice Russell is a singer from Brighton and she belts it out. A long time Tru Thoughts / Quantic collaborator and also flys high solo. Her live performances are always awesome. Her first album Under The Munka Moon is definitely a good introduction.

Andy C

Through One Nation tape packs he Inadvertently taught me how to mix Drum and Bass, along with Mampi Swift. He's probably a bit tighter than me though =/ Andy C is a badman. Ram Records is legendary. 31 Seconds was his first massive tune. There's shit loads more.


New Skool Jungle producer from the Midlands who works the Dubwise style in a professional style and still takes time to make some tidy Rollers and the odd Amen banger. He also works with Jacky Murda and Tuffist on the Chopstick Dubplate project, plus Gold on Lionfire. Check Pure Vibez Recordings & Co-Lab Recordings.

Bad Company

Drum and Bass' dream team from the late 90's came with so many ideas that they pretty much re-wrote the whole formula. The Nine was the first tune of theirs to really slam and it still gets dropped at most big raves as a standard explosive. After then the tunes kept flowing until they split and went on to solo projects. Bad Company UK (Maldini and Vegas) still produce and tour occasionally, whilst Fresh does his Breakbeat Kaos thing and runs Dogs On Acid, and D Bridge is deep in his own Autonomic vibe. For peak time Bad Company see The Pulse, Planet Dust and 4 Days.

Benny page

In 2005, Benny Page came along and made Dubwise Drum and Bass good again with Turn Down The Lights. He's got the perfect formula for a fat tune. Now he turns his hand to a broad range of styles and smashes them all. Wicked DJ and good bloke too. Find him on Digital Soundboy or his own family run label, High Culture.


The UK's maddest city, fact. Chris and Lak, chairmen of the city, have been working hard to make Boomtown the most surreal festival experience in Britain and it shows no sign of slowing down. They are only just getting started.


Born ina barn

It's Hip Hop from the Isle of Wight on a live tip with full band, big bass and hints of Reggae and Ska dropping in and out. They can't be anything but fun as their first album, Brick By Brick, proves. Wedge It Up is the personal favourite.


Considering he arrived pretty late on in DnB's long history, this man has overtaken most with his pure screwface tunes, unmistakably fat and filthy production but somehow with a layer of sheen on everything. I was hooked since 'Rain Man' on Commercial Suicide, I love 'They're Wrong', and the tunes he is making with Die are off the scale. Symmetry is his label and 'The Other Side' LP is sick.


For me, Bristol's Buggsy broke through on Skitz's album Sticksman with Born Ina System, and the clarity and delivery of his lyrics is something else. He has one of the tightest flows of any MC who spat into a mic. Also check out Pure Gas from The Great Escape album.


He is the smoothest Drum and Bass producer in the world and nails every track he makes. Fact! Check Signature Recordings and Soul:R Recordings. Drop It Down is probably the personal favourite, but then again...

Chai Wallahs

This organisation push independent music into the festivals through an awesome soundsystem and a great tent and a lot of support. I've been DJing with them since 2010 and they have the best festival crowd to play to. They have an artist agency called Diplomats of Sound who are working hard to bring through the underground musical gems and Si Chai at the top of the tree is a gent.

Congo Natty

Rebel MC leads a troup of MC's and vocalists through decades of Reggae and Ragga tainted Jump Up Jungle DnB. Tunes like Tribal Bass, Wickedest Sound, Champion DJ, Tribal Natty, Exodus, His Imperial Majesty and more recently, Get Ready & Notorious with Nanci & Phoebe will never die.


One of the Full Cycle Records crew who put Bristol Drum and Bass on the map and went on to turn the game upside down with Break 15 years later. His productions and DJing are both standout. For Old Skool sounds check Special Treat, and for more recent bangers you need Slow Down or Grand Funk Hustle, both with Break. His Laminate Radio project shouldn't be ignored either which is disco all the way.


This man is the original Drum & Bass Jungle scientist. His early music is off the scale and will be played forever. He created the Valve Soundsystem with Lemon D by remortgaging their houses and has been shaking people with it ever since. Favourites are Deadly Deep Subs, Muthaphucka, Acid Track & Nasty Ways.

Dirty Dike

James Dike delivers, in his own words, 'the ramblings of an arrogant, egotistical, smug twat with a slight chip on his shoulder' which, when you're listening to Hip Hop, makes for an interesting ride. Early music with Contact Play is fun, plus his solo work is good, and he is busy working in and around the High Focus label. Go and see him live!


Dr Dre

The Chronic is such a good album. Dre just produces those smooth beats that outshine the rest and has made many people succesfull with his productions. He raps on them too, in a similar style which is his finishing move. Don.


Poland's biggest Reggae export makes catchy little riddims by the dozen and has queues of MC's ready to bless them. The Riddim Machine album is more than decent, and Big Love will never die.